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   Trillium Rhythmic Gymnastic Academy was founded to promote the joy and beauty of Rhythmic Gymnastics through high-quality gymnastics training provided by certified coaches. “Our goal is to develop each gymnast into the best she can be” says Head Coach Tatiana Kastenkava. “Rhythmic Gymnastics is such a graceful, elegant sport. We want all our gymnasts to develop their skills, work hard, and also have fun.


We believe in:

*Gradually building and nurturing our athletes

*Developing a strong love for the sport
*Teaching our athletes discipline and respect 
(toward coaches, parents, team-mates and themselves)

*Having a clear vision and of goals and achievements 
*Providing a training program which will bring the Athlete to the top of her natural talent and abilities
*Creating well-rounded individuals and future Leaders both in sport and everyday life
*Winning isn't everything – but making the effort to win is!!


 Individual programs

Pre-Competitive: Designed for ages 3-8, Trillium Rhythmic's  recreational program teaches the basics of Rhythmic Gymnastics in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. The emphasis is on improving strength, balance, coordination and flexibility. Gymnasts also get the opportunity to work with apparatus such as balls, ropes and hoops. They learn  a choreographed dance known as a “routine” and have the opportunity to perform at Interclub competitions and of course for family and friends at Trillium’s year-end annual show. Typically recreational gymnasts train 2-4 hours per week.


Competitive: With this program, Trillium Rhythmic offers more advanced gymnasts the opportunity to further improve their skills. This is a more serious program designed to provide gymnasts with proper training, advanced technique and the ability to eventually handle all apparatus (balls, ropes, hoops, ribbon and clubs) with a high degree of skill. Gymnasts learn choreographed routines using the apparatus appropriate for their age and level. Competitive stream gymnasts compete at the Ontario Provincial, Canadian National, or International levels depending on their interest, dedication and ability.  Competitive gymnasts train intensively 9-20 hours per week.


Group programs

Group gymnastics are also available at both the recreational and competitive level. At the beginning of each year, tryouts are held for gymnasts interested in joining groups of 2-5. Each group learns a choreographed routine that may or may not include apparatus (depending on age and level). The group performs their routine(s) at competitions throughout the season. Group work requires a greater level of cooperation and commitment. However group gymnasts say it is fun to work, learn and perform together as a group!  


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