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Rules and Regulations update of 2017

Dear Parents and Gymnasts,

The fallowing is all the information you need to begin the New Competition  season. If you have any questions, concerns or comments, place a letter to

and at last try to text Tatiana at 416-817-5243 or text Alex 416-414-3101


1.      Trillium Rhythmic Dress Code

An established dress code helps to identify the various training levels of our gymnasts.

Interclub, Pre-Competitive and Provincial Level are require to wear a black training suit and shorts.

National Level gymnasts are required to wear black shorts and a sort top.

The style and color of the top are yet to be determined.


 2.     Training Schedules

Training schedules and locations are being finalized and will be available on our website at

Gymnasts must be on time to all training sessions and follow the rules of the gym as established by the coaching team.

Missed training days are your responsibility. If you choose to go on a vacation, do not expect make-up days for the training time missed. We must still pay for our expenses, coaches and gymnasium time. In special situations such as appointments, special occasions etc. a training sessions may be made up if there is available space at another time. If this is the case you must consult with Tatiana in advance in order to make other arrangements. Please do not simply drop your daughter/gymnast at the gym without having made prior arrangements as she may not be permitted to train at this time. We believe that this will help to ensure that the coaching team does not become overloaded on any given day and that our gymnasts continue to receive adequate training time.

Your co-operation in this matter is appreciated.


3.     Communicating Club information

Parents and gymnasts are responsible for checking their own personal e-mail which provided during registration and web-site wall post at home page , all Important information will be send and posted there. We cannot  phone each family for  each time we need to communicate with general or important information.

Please take some time to check the information about your gymnast currently on our website. If you have additional information to add or picture to include, please forward to  or

Please note to allow our e-mails to your spam and firewall filters to ensure any missing and misleads information.


4.     Communicating with Coaches

The coaches are not to be disturbed during training hours. If you need to speak with a coach please contact the Head Coach in advance to arrange an appropriate time to meet.  Waiting to speak with a Head Coach before or after your daughter’s training time may not always be possible as it could interfere with another level’s training time. As you can appreciate, interruptions have an impact on the gymnast’s training time.


5.     Monthly Fee and Annual Payments

Please see attached “Monthly Fee Schedule” for monthly amounts.

All cheques must be sign to Trillium Rhythmic Inc.

All Monthly Fee are to be paid by post-dated cheques dated the 1st day of the month beginning September 1st, 2015 and ending June 1st, 2016 following the fee schedule applicable to your daughter/gymnast.

It is required that all post-dated cheques be provided to Tatiana or Alex  along with your registration form no later than Friday , September 9th, 2015.

A  $30 fee will be charged for cheques that are returned for non-payment/NSF

Ask for 10-20% discount for families with more than one gymnast.

 Every year all gymnasts in our club is required to pay a mandatory Annual Membership Fee of $200. Please provide a cheque payable to Trillium Rhythmic Inc. along with your registration form.

 Each year all gymnasts are required to register with Gymnastics Ontario. Gymnastics Ontario (GO) Annual Fees for 2015-2016 season as follow: Pre-Competitive $52.40            

Interclub $107.35          

Provincial $220.35

All National (Novice, Junior and Senior) $305.10

Please provide a cheque payable to Trillium Rhythmic Inc.

Please note, gymnasts will not be permitted to train after   September 9, 2013 if all payments including monthly fees, annual GO registration fees, annual membership fee are not paid. Your co-operation is appreciated.


6.     Music for Routines

The music used by our gymnasts for their routines belongs to Trillium Rhythmic Inc. as re-mastered copy from original composition. Also we pay SOCAN Fee by request to Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada to make music available to our gymnasts to rent. Each gymnast is expected to pay for any music and choreography at an annual rental rate of $40 per routine. If the same music is used from a previous year you do not have to pay again. Once all routines are in place and the music re-mastered, we will be requesting payment.


7.      Volunteering

 Parent involvement is very important to ensure we continue to have a well run and successful club for our gymnasts. During the course of the year, all parents are asked to volunteer their time in organizing and supporting club events such as shows, hosting competitions, fundraising or in any other way that is required. Volunteering is mandatory. It is critical to the smooth operation of the club. To help ensure that volunteering is fair and required in the amount of $300 in the form of a post-dated cheque payable to Trillium Rhythmic Inc.



We would also like to establish a parent committee to help make sure that we are always acting in the best interest of our gymnasts in providing quality training. This would involve occasional meetings to discuss what could be done to help keep our club running smoothly. Ideally we would like representation from all of our training levels including Pre-Competitive, Interclub, Provincial and National levels to ensure we operate in the best interest of all of our gymnasts. If you are interested, please indicate so on your registration form or send your interest to  or

 We trust that the above information is clear and answers all your questions. We are so much excited about the continued opportunities our club has in the coming year.


Trillium Rhythmic

the way gymnastics should be! 




Alex and Tatiana - Trillium Rhythmic Founders. 

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