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Summer Intense Training

Please complete the form below and Submit to the Office indicating your preferences.

Would like to attend the Trillium RGA Summer Intense Training 2016Select each week you would like to attend1st week
July 25-26-27-28-29
2nd week
August 01-02-03-04-05
3rd week
August 08-09-10-11-12
*Week OFF, August 15-16-17-18-19
Required checkmark as proof
4th week
5th week
August/September 29-30-31-01-02

Training hours:

9:00am 1:00pm Beginners and Pre-competitive *

9:00am 3:00pm Provincial, National Pre-Novice and Novice, Junior and Senior **

Please choose number of week(s), make a cheque payable to Trillium Rhythmic.

Non Trillium Rhythmic gymnasts, Provincial and National levels, 

must apply for membership before register: $200 Annual Club fee

* Beginners and Pre-competitive 4 hours training (9:00am 1:00pm) for $200 a week.

** 1 week- $250; 2 weeks- $450; 3 weeks- $650; 4 weeks- $840; 5 weeks- $950

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